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Tasks that the URETEK technology successfully solves:

  • Strengthening and stabilization of weak soils;
  • Strengthening and repairing foundations;
  • Waterproofing of foundations;
  • Filling voids and containers;
  • Lifting sagging floors and foundations of buildings;
  • Elimination of the causes of cracks in the walls of buildings.

Modern, environmentally neutral, innovative technologies with highly qualified specialists and the highest quality and speed of work – ensure the global success of the company for many years.

The scope of application of the geopolymer injection methods applicable to any objects - from residential issuses and logistics centers, to runways of international airports.

URETEK is the international brand company that performs works on strengthening and stabilizing soils, strengthening foundations and lifting concrete slab structures by injecting two-component resins.

The URETEK technology appeared in Finland in 1978. From its starting point URETEK is operating in more than 80 countries around the world – throughout Europe, North and South America, Australia and Oceania.

The main business sectors where URETEK technology used are industrial and public buildings, residential buildings, architectural monuments, historical buildings, highways, Railways, airfield runways, ports, wharves, dams, and many other objects. URETEK uses environmentally neutral materials in its projects. The company's management takes care of environmental and HR protection.

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